Good Morning

Another day at the desk.

Well, no.

There is no desk.  The desk, like a lot of things, perished in the move from Chicago, which happened on August 17, 2009 in a big yellow Penske truck.  On that day, and with that truck, and with this beginning of my MFA at Boston University, it seems that my whole life has changed.

Now there is Boston.  Boston is… curious.  I haven’t quite settled in and figured it out, and I can’t tell what exactly is out of whack.  Is it just curious because I’m in a new city?  Is it that I have to do homework again after five years of independence?  Or am I just lonely for my friends and former life?

Maybe a little of each.

But with my first show about to go into tech (a one-act opera based on Antigone), a new assignment in the works (a site-specific installation of Hedda Gabbler), and midterms coming up, there is shortly going to be no more time to fret about it.  Thus, I dive in, and see what happens.