Tech for Bat Boy

Tech is hard.  Yep.  It’s always going to be.  You get less sleep and you eat weird meals at weird times of day and the stress level goes way up into unhealthy land.  These things are given.

Very kind friends who knew that I was working on this musical called and wrote and asked, “how’s tech going?”  I said, “It’s hard,” and they would make this pitiful sound of apology.  But pity and apology were not needed.  Tech is always hard, and on this particular occasion, it never reached the point of intolerable.  Which is good.

Here are a couple of pictures from tech, to give you an idea:

My favorite special effect: Dr. Parker breaks the neck of a goose and pours its blood out for Bat Boy to drink. For blood we used a combination of strawberry syrup and chocolate syrup for color, consistency, and washability.


Bat boy puts his head in the bucket and takes a long drink of the goose blood. In this tech picture we were using Karo syrup and strawberry jam for the blood, but as you can see, it didn't show up enough on his face. Standby for the production photo of this scene and notice the difference.