The Freedom Art Retreat

A significant moment in my Boston theatre life was stumbling upon

Alert! Alert!  Small local theatre-makers organizing for the good of the whole community!

It was a milestone for me, because as much as I had seen and participated in frequent collaboration between Chicago theatres, I had yet to experience Boston theatres and theatre artists working together.  And then, there it was, spearheaded by two of my favorite Rock Stars, Ilana Brownstein and Corianna Moffatt (both from Boston University).

To give you more perspective on the project, the mission statement reads:

“Playwrights’ Commons is a nascent playwright development (not play development) organization whose mission is to strengthen the Boston-area theatre ecology through innovative laboratories, workshops, collaborative opportunities, and fiscal sponsorships of local artists.

Playwrights’ Commons seeks to provide dramaturgical support to writers at all stages of their careers, with a special focus on deepening the opportunities for artists who hope to put down professional roots in Boston and surrounding cities.”

To this end, they organized the Freedom Art Retreat – a week-long adventure in the woods where playwrights will team up with designers and directors to brainstorm and create theatrical projects that may never have been possible as individuals.  There was an application process (which, to be perfectly honest, I completed in the middle of the night during Bat Boy tech) and today to my amazement, I recieved word that I am ACCEPTED!

Other than being very excited, I don’t have a firm grasp of what this means yet.  Am I going as a designer?  A playwright?  A director?  A manager?  I’m good at that last one, but it wasn’t really one of the categories.  Am I going to be a big cheerleader and supporter no matter what?  You betcha.  And as things come together I’m sure I’ll have more to say about it.

I smell amazing adventures about to happen.


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