Remember that one-page play experiment?

I do.

Well, I didn’t until I got an e-blast from Gan-e-meed Theatre for their summer workshop and saw my name listed as a finalist for the One-Page Play Experiment they hosted last December.   December seems so long ago.  So many things have happened since then!  But the day of the reading of the Experiment entries was an epic adventure that deserves a recap:

Jane, Adrienne, Claire, and Apollo joined me at the theatre.

It was December 14.  A few weeks earlier I had been notified that my One-Page Play had been selected as one of the top 15 entries and it, along with the other  14, would be part of a day of one-page staged readings.  Audience members would then vote for the pieces they liked best, and the top 5 would go on to additional honors.   Since this was just days before my birthday I declared the trip to the reading my official birthday event, and gathered a car-ful of friends to join me in Sommerville…

It was a dreary, rain-soaked day.  We all bustled in with umbrellas and raincoats and took up nearly an entire row.  The lights went down and the plays started.  It was hard not to grin ear-to-ear when mine took the stage.  I had never had a piece of my own work read out loud like that, and it was amazing!  Claire held my hand.  Adrienne smiled.   Apollo and Jane were deep in concentration.  And it was perfect.  The actors and the director really nailed it – I couldn’t have done it better.  And, fortunately, I got to meet all of them after the show and offer my personal congratulations and thanks for their job so well done.

Me and my play. Note all the star stickers around the outside - each one represents one audience "vote" for my play!

I have heard throught the Gan-e-meed grapevine that the One-Page Play Experiment will become an annual event.  The jury is still out as to whether I will enter again this year (or even if I will be allowed to), but it’s certainly something I plan to keep an eye on, as it was a really nicely composed and satisfying experience overall.

Note: My one-page play, Mortal City, was adapted from the lyrics of the song Mortal City, by Dar Williams.  SaraRose, the artistic director of Gan-e-meed, wrote to Dar for permission to use the lyrics, and Dar (well, her publicity/management folks) said YES!  (Also, part of me really wants to write another one just to prove I could do it without someone else’s lyrics.)

Also note: if this sounds awesome, then start visiting to keep up with what they’re doing in the Boston theatre world.  They often have really exciting panel discussions and workshops on the theme of their mission: advancing the role of women in theatre.


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