Freedom Art Retreat!


Ok, maybe Nina’s chant isn’t catching on the way she hoped, but we do have plenty to cheer about here in Conway, New Hampshire.  First of all, we’re in a beautiful house in the Mt. Washington Valley, which means we keep catching glimpses of the White Mountains in the distance. There’s an amazing (glacial kettle) pond that’s warm and still, and clear enough to see my feet (unlike some lakes I’ve been in – ahem – Lake Ontario).  We’ve cooked all our dinners so far on the grill on the big back porch and everything has been delicious, including the art!

Yesterday we had 5 hours to work in teams of 3.  There were no rules, only that we were supposed to deal with ideas we were interested in and learn about each other.  My group spent the whole five hours talking – working out what kind of theatre we were interested in, pulling apart the style called “ensemble generated,” “devised,” or “composed” and making a long list of our “living questions” – things that were important to us and occurring in our lives.  At the end of the night we were left only with more questions, no final project or topic to move on, as the other groups had found.

Today we had 2 hours with the same group to make some sort of performance-based presentation.  With the new goal and time constraint, we got cracking and created the Threshold Reversal Emporium.  TRE (for short) is a sinister company that sells people the chance to relive their most peaceful and innocent childhood memories inside a specially crafted “pleasure chamber.”  Our presentation showed a new client going in for his “experience,” and a recurring client coming out still experiencing some side effects.  Hillarious and wonderful times had by all.

This afternoon we have a still-secret project coming up.  All we know is that it’s dependent on the rain stopping, so everyone cross your fingers!

Also, checkout the Retreat Blog at for a silly photo of me!


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