So. Many. Things.

And I’m not complaining.  Oh no.  Work is good when you can get it, and good work is even better.  But right now there are just So. Many. Things.

Start with The Brother/Sister Plays at Company One.  It’s by far the biggest project I have this fall. (Not the biggest project ever.  That award is still held by Cunning Little Vixen.)  And on top of being big, it’s also interesting, and engaging, and (so far) filled with people who actually return my phone calls.  So I would say I’m in a pretty happy spot with them, despite the hugeness that is about to occur (very likely this weekend after the first stumble through of the first play of the trillogy).

Then there’s some lingering Freedom Art stuff.  Most notably that I want to get The First Man to Consider the Sun up to performance quality and hopefully get it into a Puppet Showplace slam one of these days.  There’s one coming up Sept. 17, but I’m waiting to hear if there’s room for me.  And if there is, I have to storyboard it, rebuild the puppets, and get some rehearsals in the space on the calendar.  On top of that, there’s Meron’s project of adapting Rudyard Kipling’s poem Tomlinson into a puppet/poi experience.  Puppets and poi in the same show?  Heaven.  But I have to build the puppets.

My personal pet project, Blue Nativity, is also still around.  And when I say “around” I mean the draft puppets are living on my kitchen table.  I was afraid that if I put them away I’d forget about it, and I don’t want to forget about it.  There is reasonable energy behind a puppet nativity at the church where I work, and it’s definitely enough energy to sustain my desires to finish building the drafts, and continue pursuing the rights, and really make it happen.

Throw into that list the two things that happened in the last 24 hours: I discovered that Metro Stage is looking for someone to do props for Chicago, and my fellow artist (photographer) Ashlee, offered to pay my registration fee for JP Open Studios.  At this point, I haven’t even processed what these things might mean.




and So. Many. Things.


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