I can’t. I’m in tech.

This month has been christened “Oc-tech-bur” (or as Jane said it, “Oc-tech-BLUR”) for the vast quantiy of tech rehearsals that I am about to experience.

It starts this week, when Metro Stage’s production of the musical Chicago loads in to the Cambridge YMCA.  I’m propping this one, and the major prop so far has been 7 cafe chairs.  I tried to rent them from various sources, but had no luck (“We have some, but you’d have to do some serious reinforcing if they’re going to be Chicago-ed on,” wrote one potential candidate.)  Finally I found some on Craigslist, but was unable to get approval for the spending and go get them before I headed out camping.  Luckily the artistic director was able to swoop in and fetch them all the way from Salisbury, MA.  On Saturday, as part of load in, they’ll get a coat of shiny black paint and little rubber feet, and then have vast amounts of dancing applied to them.   What else am I working on for that show?  Well, you’ll have to show up and see.

Second, I’ll roll into part 1 of Company One’s production of The Brother Sister Plays, In the Red and Brown Water.  It loads in Oct. 23, and is the most prop-heavy and complicated of the three.  I was unable to make the most recent production meeting, and I’ve heard that the tech schedule was discussed in detail (note to self: don’t miss the meeting where they discuss the tech schedule).  Now I’m feeling a little lacking in knowledge, but fortunately only in knowledge.  I actually have the props really together for this one and, pending some tests of the bleeding aparatus, should be in position to hit this load in head on.

As the month comes to a close, I’ll spend 2 days (and by that I mean probably 36 hours straight) with Puppet Showplace Theatre getting ready for their Halloween event, Spooky Story Station.  We’ve turned the theatre on it’s head, designing a space where people enter through the back door and proceed into the waiting room of a curious train station populated by puppet creatures of all sizes.  There will be man-eating plants, a little zombie serving up brains at the cafe, and an elaborate projection of a train ride by none-other than the amazing Freedom Art Retreatant Jason Weber.  As I’m serving as the prop-technical-organizational-facilito-manager for this one, I imagine I’ll spend most of the day and night crawling around with cables and handing people gaff tape.  The longest titles always get the most glamorous jobs.

And finally, as pumpkins give way to fall leaves and cold breezes, Company One will put the second and third Brother Sister Plays, The Brothers Size, and Marcus, up on the state in rotating rep with the first one.  It has been a long time since I teched anything that worked in rep, so I’m really looking forward to this experience.  So far everything seems to be aligning to give us the best possible outcome for this, but it’s always different when things actually get rolling.  I’d have more to say, but with so many things in between now and this, I hardly have a chance to form an opinion!

Throw in to that Claire’s birthday, all sorts of Halloween parties, and the beginning of NaNoWriMo on Nov. 1, and I’ve got a fall that makes my pumpkins spin! Whee!


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