Forward motion on 3BB

Timing is everything.

Last week it just so happened that the carpets at my office were going to be cleaned, meaning that I could not be at my computer in my office for a portion of the afternoon on Thursday.

It also so happened that Barefoot Puppets were playing at Puppet Showplace Theatre on Thursday and there was a free ticket with my name on it.

And it is also true that Barefoot Puppets makes puppets exactly the way I want to make puppets, the way I always choose to make puppets if I can, and that they were willing to take me backstage after their show.

And finally, Paul Vincent, artist emeretus of Puppet Showplace, was going to be home that afternoon too, and I would be able to talk to him about what I was building.

I can say that it was very helpful to my process to experience all of these things, but that is an understatement.  It was impossibly, invaluably helpful.  It was AMAZINGLY helpful.  It generated the Lonely Old Woman, who is almost done, who is puppet #1 of the new show (Three Blessed Brothers)


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