The Freelancer’s Schedule

I’ve said it over and over – freelancing is hard.  Often wonderful, often worth it, but also hard.  The trial of the moment is the schedule, which has me bouncing between a couple of cities for the next 6 weeks.

For the rest of this week it’s pretty low-key – Rochester to Buffalo and back.

Next week I’m off to Olean, NY, where I’m crafting the “Large and Terrible Frog” for an upcoming production of A Year with Frog and Toad at my alma mater, St. Bonaventure Univeristy.  Get this – they have a day on the calendar, an actual day, called “Git ‘er Done Day.”  Love it.  How can you not love it?  That show opens March 21 and it will be a pleasure to be back in that auditorium with so many memories.

Mid-March I head back to Boston for meetings and build time with Company One’s She Kills Monsters, which opens April 12.  It’s spring break there, so I have a few build companions – students who are out of school for break but not out of town, lined up to help me.  I hope to leave them with a hearty pile of puppets to use in rehearsal in preparation for my coming back to make final adjustments before tech.

And in between all that there’s just little details like re-painting the kitchen of the new place, sending out resumes for summer stock work, caring for the sick bunny, learning folk songs on the guitar and daydreaming about what veggies go in the garden this spring.

You know, no big deal.


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