Workshop Productions and Staged Readings

According to their mission statement, “Silk Road Theatre Project’s Al Kasida Staged Reading Series is Chicagoland’s first and only staged reading series dedicated to plays featuring primary characters of Asian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean backgrounds.

In Arabic, “al kasida” means “the ode.” The word is meant to evoke the rich tradition of storytelling and epic poetry in the lands of the Silk Road. Just as written and oral narratives helped convey the cultural and historical realities of antiquity, Al Kasida Staged Reading Series promises to illuminate for Chicago audiences the contemporary realities of communities that are as vast and diverse as they are misunderstood.”

In practice, the staged reading series was a great opportunity for us to work with new talent, be creative in our space, and meet fantastic playwrights.  For each of these productions I served as the stage manager.  For Gilgamesh I also served as the prop and puppet designer.


Gilgamesh 1
Scene from Gilgamesh

Adapted by Yussef Komunyakaa
and Chad Gracia
Directed by Jennifer Shook
October 2008
(performed in conjunction with the Chicago Humanities Festival)

For more about Gilgamesh, click HERE

Cleveland Raining
By Sung Rno
Directed by Joanie Schultz
April 2008


By Julia Cho
Directed by Stuart Carden
June 2007

(Fully produced in the summer of 2008! For more about the full production, click HERE)

Our Enemies:
Lively Scenes of Love & Combat

By Yussef El Guindi
Directed by Stuart Carden
April 2007

(Fully produced in the spring of 2008! For more about the full production, click HERE)

Merchant on Venice
By Shishir Kurup
Directed by Stuart Carden
January 2007
(fully produced at SRTP in the fall of 2007!)

Balacarita: adventures of a young Krishna*
Adapted and directed by Christopher Johnson
August 2006

* indicates first public performance of a new work