Spooky Story Station!

Pictures from the event are up!

On October 31, 2011, while the trick-or-treaters went out to mingle with the ghosts and goblins of Brookline, Puppet Showplace Theatre was transformed into a magical wonderland of puppets, art and interactive fun!

For those of us working on it,  the transformation took place overnight on Sunday Oct. 30.
Some of us were there all afternoon.  A bunch more showed up immediately following the Sunday afternoon puppet show (around 5pm), set everything up, met briefly (aka “paper tech”) over a hot meal provided by the theatre (yay!) and previewed each piece of improv.  There was also an expectation – ahem, hope – that all the tech can be connected and sound checked that evening.  And the esteemed Jason Weber (from the Freedom Art Retreat) made that hope come true (as well as loaning us a lot of the equipment and designing the train ride projection)   One thing’s for sure: the theatre’s never looked like THIS before!

Viewings of the station started around sundown on Monday Oct. 31.  Admission was “pay what you can,” and while we expected each group to travel through the station for 5-10 minutes, many lingered for much longer.   You can find out more about this and other Puppet Showplace events at the Puppet Showplace Web site!


One thought on “Spooky Story Station!

  1. Those lucky kids!!! Makes one want to be a kid again!!!! What a fantastic idea! Wish you all loads of luck and of course much fun! Happy Halloween 🙂

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