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The Freelancer’s Schedule

I’ve said it over and over – freelancing is hard.  Often wonderful, often worth it, but also hard.  The trial of the moment is the schedule, which has me bouncing between a couple of cities for the next 6 weeks. For the rest of this week it’s pretty low-key – Rochester to Buffalo and back. … Continue reading


My boss has this image on her tack board: It’s a wonderful concept; this notion that if we all band together we’ll be stronger than any of us alone.  And it’s been proven, too.  The Freedom Art folks are a perfect example of the power of a bunch of people networking and sharing together to … Continue reading

Tech for Bat Boy

Tech is hard.  Yep.  It’s always going to be.  You get less sleep and you eat weird meals at weird times of day and the stress level goes way up into unhealthy land.  These things are given. Very kind friends who knew that I was working on this musical called and wrote and asked, “how’s … Continue reading


Recently I’ve been experiencing a terrible bout of Theatrical Apathy.  Things are happening, and yet nothing is causing me to panic. The show ahead of us is delaying their load-out for 24 hours?  Okay. We’re sharing the stage with a performance artist who covers the theatre with bubbles?  Sure. The set designer wants to weave … Continue reading