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My boss has this image on her tack board: It’s a wonderful concept; this notion that if we all band together we’ll be stronger than any of us alone.  And it’s been proven, too.  The Freedom Art folks are a perfect example of the power of a bunch of people networking and sharing together to … Continue reading

I can’t. I’m in tech.

This month has been christened “Oc-tech-bur” (or as Jane said it, “Oc-tech-BLUR”) for the vast quantiy of tech rehearsals that I am about to experience. It starts this week, when Metro Stage’s production of the musical Chicago loads in to the Cambridge YMCA.  I’m propping this one, and the major prop so far has been 7 cafe chairs.  … Continue reading

Successes of the Day

It is really nice when there are multiple successes in one day.  And by “day” we’re going to say “24-hour period” because really, it started last night… I went over to Corianna’s house, where we have been rehearsing our shadow puppet show for the Puppet Showplace Puppet Slam, which is coming up this Saturday. Corianna … Continue reading

They got me.

This e-mail today from Corianna, fellow participant in the Freedom Art Retreat: Hi Emily and Allie, Puppet show auditions are around the corner!  Let’s dust our puppets off and get ready. Emily- could you put the puppet script in the dropbox or email it to Allie and I?  Thanks! Allie and I were thinking of getting … Continue reading

The Game of Life

Today, the final project of the Freedom Art Retreat (but probably not the last blog entry.)  We were determined to work with anyone we had not yet worked with, and divided into teams accordingly while maintaining the one playwright/one dramaturg/one designer ratio.  My team secluded in the “mood room” off the dining room. “What shall … Continue reading