Sometimes my past self appears before me

Walking home in the rain last night after seeing Company One's Green Eyes was like walking back in time.  I left Boston.  I was walking through Rodger's Park in Chicago, on Morse Ave between the Red Line station and Clark Street.  I was coming from the theatre, of course.  I was going home to that … Continue reading Sometimes my past self appears before me

I can’t. I’m in tech.

This month has been christened "Oc-tech-bur" (or as Jane said it, "Oc-tech-BLUR") for the vast quantiy of tech rehearsals that I am about to experience. It starts this week, when Metro Stage's production of the musical Chicago loads in to the Cambridge YMCA.  I'm propping this one, and the major prop so far has been 7 cafe chairs.  … Continue reading I can’t. I’m in tech.