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My boss has this image on her tack board: It’s a wonderful concept; this notion that if we all band together we’ll be stronger than any of us alone.  And it’s been proven, too.  The Freedom Art folks are a perfect example of the power of a bunch of people networking and sharing together to … Continue reading

Taking off with 3BB!

Now it’s getting real. After months of script drafts and napkin sketches, of research images hung around my kitchen and blobs of celluclay hardening onto my forks, we’re finally getting on our feet.  Rehearsals are being held in a top-secret location in Boston, in preparation for our inaugural performance on June 2 at Cambridge Riverfest. … Continue reading

Forward motion on 3BB

Timing is everything. Last week it just so happened that the carpets at my office were going to be cleaned, meaning that I could not be at my computer in my office for a portion of the afternoon on Thursday. It also so happened that Barefoot Puppets were playing at Puppet Showplace Theatre on Thursday … Continue reading