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My boss has this image on her tack board: It’s a wonderful concept; this notion that if we all band together we’ll be stronger than any of us alone.  And it’s been proven, too.  The Freedom Art folks are a perfect example of the power of a bunch of people networking and sharing together to … Continue reading

What is a Puppet Slam?

A puppet slam is like a cabaret, and a puppet show, and late-night TV, and a big family reunion all rolled into one.  It happens at the Puppet Showplace Theatre at night, after the usual audience of children has gone to bed, and has a cult following of adults who work with puppets, or work … Continue reading

Turn to your Team

*note: this post contains content not suitable for children* When you’re stumped on a puzzle and can’t seem to figure out the next move, what do you do? You do what our director, Megan, did the other night.  “Look at this group of very smart people just sitting here,” she said, gesturing over those assembled … Continue reading

Words from the Windy City

In the wake of the surge of new projects that resulted from the Freedom Art Retreat, I’ve been chatting with some of my old Chicago friends and looking up some things that remind me of the way theatre is born and grows.   Folks who have spent time in Chicago know the phrase “storefront theatre” – … Continue reading