When there are glue-gun globules on your coffee table, scraps of fabric stashed under your bed, and dowel rods standing up with your broomstick…

When you bring more things home from the thrift store than you went there to drop off…

When you’ve adhered your fingers to each other or to other things with spray adhesive…

When you’ve had to explain why there’s a toaster/overhead projector/severed head rolling around in your trunk…

Then you make props for a living.

Props in Boston:

Snegurochka (The Snow Maiden)
Lowell House Opera, spring 2012

Brother/Sister Plays
Company One, fall/winter 2011

Metro Stage Company, fall 2011

Bat Boy
Metro Stage Company, summer 2011

The Cunning Little Vixen
Boston Opera Collaborative, winter/spring 2011

Props in Chicago:

Silk Road Theatre Project’s Al Kasida stage reading series, fall 2008

Dreadful Penny’s Exquisite Horrors
Tantalus Theatre Group, fall 2008

Toy Chest
Tantalus Theatre Group, spring 2007


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