Metro Stage Company

Metro Stage Company (MSC) was founded in 2004 with a mission to bridge the gap between professional and community theater, creating opportunities for respected professionals, emerging talent and audiences of all means to experience high quality theater, while supporting the greater community.  MSC produces new and classic theater with a diverse group of New England ’s finest performers, while contributing to the community by raising awareness and funds for local charities.  Since its inception, MSC has made serving the local community a core value,” according to their Web site.

Here, the process of making a prop goose designed to have its neck broken for the 2011 production of Bat Boy the musical:

And here, the goose on stage during tech week:

In the spring we worked on Chicago – one of my favorite musicals!   The most challenging prop was antique cameras for the media.  No one in town had anything accurate that they were willing to rent, so I got to work making a replica from bits and pieces:

Yes, that’s a right angle bookend, some expanding folder, bits of doorknob hardware, and a clip light.  A bit of paint to make the bellows black and tone down the silver of the light, and from stage they looked pretty good.


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