Successes of the Day

It is really nice when there are multiple successes in one day.  And by “day” we’re going to say “24-hour period” because really, it started last night…

I went over to Corianna’s house, where we have been rehearsing our shadow puppet show for the Puppet Showplace Puppet Slam, which is coming up this Saturday. Corianna had done all the things she had said she was going to do in terms of puppet prep, Emily had tweaked and e-mailed the script, and everything was right where we left it.  We walked in, we ran it, and it WORKED.

Then Phil showed up with wine, cheese and crackers.  It was such a nice treat and a great break time.  We talked about some things we wanted to adjust in the “staging” and then, out of the blue, Phil says, “do you want some music for this?”  I thought he meant recorded music, which I had been avoiding because it’s hard to time.  But no, he pulls out his guitar and just starts strumming.  He just found a nice groove and improvised and by the time we ran it again, I couldn’t imagine what it had been like without music any more.  Gold stars for snacks and tunes.

Also last night, in the land of The Brother/Sister Plays, we were trying to come up with starting blocks (the things runners use) for a photo shoot that’s happening Wednesday.  Who has starting blocks?  People with running tracks.  Where are they doing the photo shoot?  At the track at Brookline High.  Brilliant.  A few e-mails later I reached the contact between Company One and Brookline High, and suggested that he put me in touch with the Brookline Athletic Director.  In fact, he made the contact himself (!) and sure enough, we now have starting blocks for the shoot.  Thought + Email + initiative and we get success!  I’m real happy that it worked out so easily!


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